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        Team Entrepreneurs Entertainment Promotions is the premier club party promoters of the future. We are a promotion team made up of web developers and computer programmers who love to party. With these attributes meshed, we contain the perfect ingredients for a modern party promoting team to make your club much, much more money. 

Through a massive email list, free photography, SMS messaging, social media, a huge network of friends, and a mammoth fan base, we WILL bring patrons to your club.

        BEST PARTY EVENTS brings long Island and New York clubs the most epic parties imaginable. We create our promotions so that everyone has the best time possible. The New York clubs that work with us get filled to capacity because of our innovative promoting techniques and events. 

This gives our party patrons more people to drink, dance, and party with at the club. We also try to bring well known sponsors to a lot of our promotions because we love our members and followers and its always a good look when you get the support from a well known corporation to back us up on our events.

          BEST PARTY EVENTS photography team makes sure to catch your good times every night. Our team is specialized in making your pictures look good when they take them. We make every attempt to photograph and sometimes record the night so you can share the amazing time with friends that couldn’t make it out. All of our pictures* (*except if they have nudity or anything not appropriate for minors) are available for free download on our website or networks .


Be sure to check out the BEST PARTY EVENTS gallery page “coming soon” to find photos of you and your friends.

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